Mr. Marble offers over 15 different sink styles to choose from. Our speciality is custom products. Our vanity tops can be customized up to 145” long and up to 25" deep with multiple sinks and various shape options. When requesting a quote, please let us know the dimensions, sink style and edge treatment you would like for your custom vanity top.

We have vanity tops that have optional separate backsplashes, with a variety of edge treatment options. If you are interested in a vanity top with an integrated backsplash, you can select between 3 edge treatment options.

Whether you want one sink, or two on a single slab, Mr.Marble is here to make it happen. When requesting a quote, let us know what you’re looking for and our team will work with you to make it possible.

Our Type B sinks consist of edge treatments that range from 1.5-4” thickness, with the option to include a separated backsplash. With our Type B sinks, we have the option of 3 different edge style treatments to create a beautiful masterpiece inside your washroom. Our type B sink styles is where modern meets elegance. With smooth lines, customizable edge treatments, we’re here to create something that enhances your bathroom experience.
● Our Type B sinks allow for you to choose whether you want a separate backsplash or not
● 4 edge styles available (see photo below for reference)
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