1What is your turnaround time for products?
Production time is approximately 24 days. If your product is being shipped by an external courier, please allow between 2-10 business days for delivery.
2What are your products made out of?
All of our products are composite marble. They are made using crushed-up stone pieces, resin and filler. They are long-lasting, heavy and durable.
3Do you have a showroom to see your products?
Yes, our showroom is in Vaughan, Ontario. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. We recommend calling in advance just to be sure someone will be available to assist you.

Vanity Tops

1What is a Type A or Type B vanity top?
Type A and Type B are internal words we use to describe a vanity top with an integrated backsplash (Type A) or a vanity top with a separate or no backsplash (Type B).
2Do you provide plumbing services?
No, we do not provide plumbing services. We provide installation services of the vanity top, but this does not include any plumbing.
3Do you sell cabinets?
No, we do not provide or sell cabinetry. When you order a vanity top from us, it will only be the vanity, not the cabinet.
4Do you offer standard vanity tops?
No - All of our vanity tops are customized to your needs and specifications. We do not offer any standard size tops.
5What faucet spread do you have available?
The diameter of our holes are 1-⅜” and we offer single hole 4” or 8” spread.
6What is your standard edge treatment?
Our standard edge treatment is a ¾” square edge.
7What edge treatment options do you have available?
We offer a variety of edge treatments with certain limitations.
8Can you make irregular shaped vanity tops?
Yes - Please provide a diagram of what shape your looking for and we can get it done for you!

Shower Bases and Floors

1Do you have a standard base that would accommodate 36" wide by 48" long requirement? If not, is it possible to have a base made that way?
Drain Placement is customizable and we should be able to accommodate your needs with 36" x 48" size.
2Are the bases available in the same colours as the wall panels?
All products are available in the same color, Bases, Walls, Accessories and can be mixed.
3How are all of the joints sealed?
Panels are glued and Joints are sealed using 100% Silicone. Following the correct procedure.
4Do you provide installation services or is that through a third-party?
We do supply install services and this can be quoted.
5What’s the difference between a shower base and a shower floor?
Shower bases come with side walls (your choice between 2-½”, 3” or upgraded 4” tall) whereas our Cubetto Floors do not come with side walls.
6What is a threshold?
A threshold signals the entryway of the shower. Anywhere that there is an opening on your shower, you will most likely include a threshold.
7What are waterdams? Are they necessary?
Water dams ensure that your base does not leak on the sides where there are walls. They are a very slim additional piece on the sides of your shower base. You do not see the water dams once the base/floor is installed but they are essential and will be put on every shower/base and floor.
8What type of drain cover do you offer?
Our LATO bases come with a standard linear grate in stainless steel. We offer circular or 5x5” square drains (in white, black and stainless steel) on our other bases/floors.
9Do you offer custom drain locations?
Yes - Please provide a diagram with the dimensions of the drain location from the back and nearest side wall.

Wall Panels

1 Can wall panels match the shower base colours?
All products are available in the same color, Bases, Walls, Accessories and can be mixed.
2Can the wall panel material be used on the ceiling of the shower stall as well?
The Wall Panel for the Ceiling is available and it would be the first panel to be installed if ordered.
3What base material is required behind the wall and ceiling panels? Cement board? Drywall?
The Drywall choice would be cement board or waterproof drywall.
4Are the recessed Niches available in the same colours as the wall panels?
The Niche colors are also available in the same color as the wall panels.
5How are all of the joints sealed?
Panels are glued and Joints are sealed using 100% Silicone. Following the correct procedure.
6 Do you provide installation services or is that through a third-party?
We do supply install services and this can be quoted.
7Can your wall panels be used in place of ceramic tile on the wall around a bathtub without a shower so that it matches the new shower stall. (The bathroom will have a separate shower stall and bathtub).
Wall Panels can be used in Shower Stalls & Bath Tub bathing areas.
8What thickness are your wall panels?
Our standard panels are ⅜” thick. We offer ¾” slabs as well but do not recommend them as bathroom wall panels as they are very heavy.
9How tall can one panel be?
96” is the tallest we offer.
10Can wall panels be cut on-site?
Yes - wall panels can be cut on site (we recommend it to ensure there are no errors beforehand!)
11What type of blade should I use to cut the wall panels?
We recommend a diamond or masonry blade

Cleaning and Product maintenance

1What is the best way to keep my Mr.Marble product looking new and clean?
In order to maintain the beauty and ‘good as new’ look of your Mr.Marble product for a lifetime of beauty follow a routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and a nonabrasive aerosol cleaner is all that is normally needed to give many years of trouble free service to your composite product. ● Cleaning agents such as multi-purpose spray or liquids common in the household cleaning aisles are appropriate ● The use of abrasive grit cleaners may cause scratching, discoloration, and dullness to the surface of the composite material ● Make sure to polish your composite Mr.Marble products on a regular (monthly) basis with a nonabrasive liquid auto wax or gel gloss. Gel Gloss can be found at most retail plumbing stores or box hardware stores.
2How do I safely remove tough water stains from my product?
● Try a cleaner that’s used for removing iron and calcium (such as CLR), then rinse ● For a more natural solution, add equal parts warm water and vinegar to the area. Let it sit for 30 minutes and use a toothbrush to scrub the area. Rinse with clean water
3How do I clean my shower base?
Shower bases can be cleaned with any of the non-abrasive cleaners: spray cleaner and leave on for five minutes, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush to remove soap residue. Rinse thoroughly

Warranty, Damages & Key Considerations

1What is your warranty policy?
Mr. Marble offers a 1 year limited warranty on materials and manufacturing defects. This limited warranty starts for the date of delivery to an authorized dealer. Proof of purchase is necessary to apply the warranty.
2Does your warranty not apply in any circumstances?
Mr.Marble’s warranty policy does not apply in cases of: damage during installation, accidents, alterations, abuse or wrongful use of the product, not properly regulating water temperature as recommended and using flat type of drain hookup, not following storage instructions, installation or cleaning instructions, damages caused by fire, excessive heat, cigarette burns, heat sources and natural disasters, damages caused by installing a sink: plumber must not use putty or tighten with a wrench.
3Does the water temperature need to have a limit?
Yes, water temperatures must be set lower than 60° C or 140° F otherwise excessive use of extremely hot water can damage the product and void the warranty.
4Does Mr.Marble provide repairs?
Yes - based on our assessment of the issue (and upon customer providing photos and details) and depending on the warranty of your product, the repair service/call will be subject to charges. Removal or reinstallation of products are not covered.
5How can I repair minor surface scratches?
Minor surface scratches and cigarette burns can be repaired by the customer. By using a polishing compound and a polisher. Sand the area using 600-800-1200 grit sandpaper. Begin with the lower number grit and progress to the higher number. Overlap each pass and go perpendicular to each pass. Finish by polishing the surface with automobile polishing compound

Shipping & Cancellations

1What are your shipping rates?
All shipping prices are paid for by the customer. Due to the weight and fragility involved with our products, freight charges are based on your specified zone/distance (greater than 30km from our location in Concord). Shipping rates will be determined when your quote has been reviewed and submitted back to you.
2Can I cancel/change my order?
Cancellations can be made ONLY within 48 hours of the order received date. Cancellations must be confirmed with BOTH a written confirmation and a phone call. If you are looking to make any changes, please contact us directly and our orderdesk will make the corresponding changes if possible.
3Do you ship across Canada?
Yes - we offer shipping across Canada.
4How long is production time?
Production lead time is 24 days. If there are any delays, we will do our best to inform you beforehand.


1Can I order directly online?
At this time, we do not allow customers to order directly online. You can submit an inquiry for a quotation and we can work with you to place the order.
2 Where can I purchase your product?
You can purchase directly from us or through one of our retailers: Lowe’s, Rona, Home Hardware, Plumbing and Parts, TUBS, Ace Langdon, Anden Bath, and any other of our retail partners.
3What is the process of ordering directly through you?
Once we receive your inquiry through email (either through our website or a direct email), we will provide you with a quote based on the item you’re looking for. Then all of the details will be reviewed by the customer. Once the customer approves, we will take a 50% deposit and put the order into production. After the order has completed production, your item will be ready for pick-up or to be shipped out.
4Why can’t I place an order directly online?
Since the majority of our products are custom, we prefer to work directly with the customer to create the order so that any issues or discrepancies are addressed prior to production. This process allows us to minimize any errors and ensure you are getting the product you are looking for.


1Will my product turn out the exact same pattern/style as the photo?
Variance in colour veining and textures from samples shown is to be expected and is part of the natural beauty and uniqueness of your finished product.
2What type of custom colour does Mr.Marble offer?
We are able to offer any colour that you have in mind – if you bring us a sample of the unique colour you’re looking for, we can bring it to our supplier and try to find a close (or perfect) match. See below for an example of a sample marble colour we created for one of our clients. Additional charges will apply for custom colours.

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