What are the best choices for bathroom Vanity Tops in the GTA?

Whether you're choosing a vanity top as part of a complete bathroom remodel or just looking for a way to spruce up your existing space – you have more beautiful, functional choices than ever before. Your vanity top choice needs to be able to withstand water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, alcohol, and acetone-based liquids. Some top choices include granite, marble, composite marble (a man-made surface made of real marble chips and resin), solid surfaces, tile, and wood.

  1. Granite
  2. Composite Marble
  3. Aquastone

What choices to make while customizing a Vanity Top?

  • Choose the vanity base design
  • Choose the right bathroom vanity base color
  • Choose the right vanity top size
  • Choose the right bathroom vanity sink design

What are some of the popular types of Vanity Tops in the GTA?

Integrated Tops

When you see the term integrated used in reference to a vanity top, it means the sink basin is already incorporated into the vanity top—either because it is molded into the countertop material itself (known as a fused sink), or is attached below the vanity top at the factory.

Cut-Out Tops

The name is self-explanatory: These are vanity tops that have large cutout openings into which a separately purchased sink basin is inserted. They require either a sink designed for drop-in installation (called self-rimming), which rest on the lip of the cutout opening and are caulked into place; or an undermount sink that is attached below the lip of the cut-out.

Vessel Tops

Vessel vanity tops are designed for use with the stylish and trendy vessel sinks, elevated basins that rest on top of the vanity top. These usually come with only a very small hole for the sink basin's drain fitting. Sometimes they have no drain opening at all, with the expectation that you will drill out the drain opening wherever you plan to mount the sink basin.

Single-Bowl Integrated Vanity Top

In this example of an integrated vanity top, a porcelain sink basin is fused with another material, such as composite marble or granite countertop.One advantage of all integrated vanity tops is that there is no raised rim or lip on the sink, which slightly increases countertop space.

Double Bowl Integrated Vanity Top

Here is an integrated vanity top with two basins, this one made with solid-surface material in which the sink basins are fused with the countertop. The backsplashes may also be fused to be part of the same piece. Integrated, fused sinks have the advantage of offering a uniform appearance and they never require caulking. However, in rare instances, a crack in a sink basin may mean that the entire vanity top needs to be replaced.

Single Basin Cut-Out Vanity Top

This is a cut-out vanity top with a single-centered opening intended for a sink that will be purchased separately. Cut-out vanity tops are widely available; home centers may stock dozens of them right in the store. Cut-out vanity tops offer the advantage of more design flexibility since they allow you to choose your own sink. You can choose either a top-mount self-rimming sink or, to give you a bit more counter space, an undermount sink.

Double Basin Cut-Out Vanity Top

Longer vanity tops that have two cut-outs for sink basins, plus generous counter space, can be custom-ordered to fit base cabinets that stretch as long as 88 inches. A countertop of this length in natural stone or quartz, as shown here, can be very heavy; DIYers will need helpers to tackle installation.


Bathroom Vanities are a vital component of your restroom that can make or break your morning routine. Ease of access matters just as much as creating a decor that will make you comfortable. At Mr. Marble, we bring you a wide selection of vanity countertops in different styles and materials to suit your specific taste. Explore our website/showroom to check-out our wide range of standard and custom bathroom vanity tops, along with perfect matching vanities to turn your simple bathroom into an oasis you can enjoy for years.


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