The Complete Guide To Choosing Bathroom Wall Panels

Whatever you call them, shower wall panels, wet wall panels, or bathroom wall panels are one and the same. It's a good alternative to tiles if you're looking for a waterproof, stunning, and easy-cleaning surface for your bathroom. What about their quality? Unless you have a direct trade account with a manufacturer, these are usually purchased in a showroom rather than online. There are manymisconceptions about how these products work and how they're installed. This guide will give you confidence in purchasing bathroom wall panels online. Understanding waterproof shower panels is the first step to making an informed decision.

What Are Shower Wall Panels made Of?

  Shower wall panels can be made of many different materials. They can be tiles, PVC, acrylic, pressure laminated vinyl, composite marble, quartz, real stone and more.

How To Install Shower Wall Panels

How can you install shower wall panels if you already know what types of walls they can be fitted to? Depending on the material construction, the procedure will differ. The advice provided by manufacturers will also differ. For our panels, you will need to have white drywall around the shower and using a mold and water resistant silicone, you will attach the wall panels to the dry wall. Once you caulk the back of the wall panel, you will need to caulk the seams to hide any lines.

What Are The Benefits Of Wall Panels?

Although many people considering tiling their bathroom because they are also waterproof, accessible and easy to install – below highlights some reasons why shower panels may be the better choice to go with:
  • The large size and coverage of the panels allows them to be installed quicker
  • They stay cleaner and more brand new looking for longer
  • There is no grout in between the lines that are subject to mold, soap scum and mildew over time
  • The benefits of wall panels don't just apply to areas that are frequently in contact with water such as bathrooms or kitchens; they can cover entire walls as well.



Bathroom remodeling costs range from $70 to $10,000 on average. What a huge difference!

Longevity & Maintenance

You don't want to remodel your bathroom very often, whether it's due to time constraints or financial concerns. Some materials require more cleaning than others as well. You should consider what will look good both now and in 10 years time.


You will be unhappy in your bathroom every time you enter if you don't invest in the right materials and installation.


It's important to pay attention to the appearance of your bathroom. Detailed planning is necessary for everything. Seeing as how this is a room that you will be using every day, and your family and friends will also use it, the pressure is high.


The walls of your bathroom are an important part of your spa experience. Your shower wall panels are an integral part of your experience. Choosing the best one for your space can be a challenge with so many options available. Originally, shower wall panels were designed to conceal plumbing fixtures and secure showerheads to walls. Today, their purpose isn't just to hide unattractive features - they're much more sophisticated.